Year end lists are for the very end of the year

OTD always waits until the very last second to turn in our Pazz and Jop ballot, because our minds are never really made up. Lists are not really our forte. But we like reading them, and we like big-upping stuff, so we feel kinda obligated. Also, we totally told you like twice this year what the album of the 2005 was, so to not actually award that honor would be sort of lame. For those and other bad reasons, we present the first annual OTD Boston-centric year-end list, which frankly we'll probably not agree with tomorrow because we're always changing our minds about shit. And also because, as we're rushing out the door, we realize there's a half-dozen good records missing from this list ... oh, well, there's always '06.

1. The Stairs, On Sleep Lab (ATV).
LISTEN: This Town Let Me Down (mp3)

2. Boston Bounce. Awarded jointly to the inventors and popularizers -- including but not limited to Wayne & Wax, DJ C, DJ Flack -- not exclusively for said invention but also for their many unrelated endeavors, some of which are listed below.  
LISTEN: DJ C, Boston, Bouncement, Baltimore, MIA's URAQT remix
LISTEN: Wayne & Wax, Boston Mashacre, Double Dub, More Than Frankie J, Unscrewed Music, etc.
LISTEN: DuoTone, Serve That Bouncy
LISTEN: DJ Flack, Kanye GP Bounce

3. LT, "Cut My Check" (Fishscale). LT is the only kid on this list who hasn't been mentioned here before, and that's sort of 'cause we're saving him for bigger stuff, but three things you need to know: Boston has native rappers and producers who don't give a fuck about "indie hip hop"; is running the game without competition; LT is only 18 years old.
LISTEN: Cut My Check (mp3)

4. Big Bear, Big Bear (Monitor).
LISTEN: Track 01 (mp3)

5. Certified Bananas, Lemon-Red Mix (Internerd only).  
LISTEN: August Mix (mp3)

6. Doomriders, Black Thunder (Deathwish, Inc.)
LISTEN: Black Thunder (mp3)

7. Compound 440r Soundsystem. Jointly awarded to Big Digits, Plunge Into Death, UV Protection, Cassette, and related enterprises.
LISTEN: Mark E. Moon, Crunkin' Donuts Mix
LISTEN: PTVN, Soundsystem 440 November Mix

8. The Hound/As Long As We're All Living We're All Dying, Split (Teenage Disco Bloodbath)
LISTEN: The Hound, Big Sky Country

9. Edan, Beauty and the Beat (Lewis Recordings). 
LISTEN: Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme (mp3 via Think Tank)

10. Tunnel of Love, Tunnel of Love (ECA). OTD loves their second self-titled album almost as much as we loved their first self-titled album. This year, the rest of the city finally caught on. This is very good news.
LISTEN: Paint It Black (mp3)

Records That Very Clearly Should Have Been Mentioned in the Above List, Some of Them, Perhaps, Even at the Very Top of It:  

The Juan Maclean, Less Than Human (DFA)
LISTEN: Shining Skinned Friend (mp3)

The Receiving End of Sirens, Between the Heart and the Synapse (Triple Crown).
LISTEN: Planning a Prison Break (mp3)

Cave In, Perfect Pitch Black (Hydrahead)
LISTEN: Down the Drain (mp3)

Transistor Transistor, Erase All Name and Likeness (Level-Plane)
LISTEN: Powerchord Academy (mp3)

The Red Chord, Clients (Metal Blade)
LISTEN: Antman (mp3)

Mobius Band, City Vs. Country (Ghostly). Yes, we liked the EP better than the album. And we're not just being indie, either.
LISTEN: Starts Off With a Bang (mp3)

Radar Eyes, Ep (no label)
LISTEN: Nightwalker (mp3)

Clickers/Night Rally split (Honeypump Records)
LISTEN: Night Rally, Good Morning, You're Listening to Jazz (mp3)
LISTEN: Clickers, Proverbs for Paranoids 3 (mp3)

Certainly, Sir, TAN (Ralleye)
LISTEN: Midnight Again (mp3)

Aberdeen City, The Freezing Atlantic (Dovecote)
LISTEN: God Is Going To Get Sick of Me (mp3)

Major Stars, 7-inch (Twisted Village)
LISTEN: Pocket (mp3)

Boy In Static, Newborn (Alien Transistor)
LISTEN: Slept Fine (Real Audio)

Unseen, State of Discontent (Epitaph)
WATCH: You Can Never Go Home (flash video)

Chris Brokaw, Incredible Love (12XU)
LISTEN: Move (mp3)

Darkbuster, A Weakness for Spirits (Dumb Trumpeter)
LISTEN: Should Have Known Better (mp3)

Tiger Saw, Sing (Kimchee)
LISTEN: Singing With Ghosts (mp3)

The Rudds, Get the Femuline Hang On (no label)
LISTEN: Astrological Sign Choker (mp3)

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