Teaching the Indie Kids to Dance Again

photos by Tia

Tia reports:

There hasn't been a night to rival the Great Scott indie-art-rock-kids-spin-hip-hop drunken dancefest that was Dynasty (RIP) until the Certified Bananas kids rolled into Great Scott Thursday night to DJ for an evening rich with hand-clapping, booty-shaking, and mannequin-fondling fun!

First up, Miss Fairchild the Maine based mannequin-obsessed smooth funky hip hop trio Miss Fairchild played to a crowd of obvious Fairchild-ites - perhaps some traveling down from Maine only to be scared off by the stylings of DC based punk-synth duo Hott Beat (think Le Tigre meets Freezepop, with fashion stylists Leslie Hall and Pleeaseasaure). Frontchick Andrea Melkisethian's running self-deprication comedy banter and spazz/strip dancing (including an amazing flyling nipple wardrobe malfunction!) freaked out most of the Miss Fairchild loyals, who slowly crept towards the bar at a safe distance from the stage. Then our favorite party rap boytoys Big Digits (we finally caught TD in the act of pre-show stretching!) rocked our drunk-asses 'till one a.m.

LISTEN: Miss Fairchild, "One of Those Girls"
LISTEN: Hott Beat, "Mall Song"
LISTEN: Hott Beat, "Hott Beat Down"

photos by Cami

Cami adds her two-cent:

Last January on Inauguration eve, I was hanging in DC for a Rock Against Bush show with the Casual Dots and our favorite Bratmobile spin-offs, Partyline. At one point, I ended up confabulating with Partyline guitarist and Iron-Maiden-shirt-wearing Angela Melkisethian, who was so insanely animated in dissing the anti-Bush action to Turn Your Back Against Bush, I quoted the only part of her rant I could get down (third paragraph): “All these people are dressing up straight tomorrow so that they can fit in and turn their backs on Bush. Fuck that! No way. I’m going to go down there and get my freak on. I don’t want to fit in and look like a bunch of Poindexters!”

Fast-forward 11 months and run into Melkisethian again at Great Scott, screaming onstage half naked as Hottesa, the insane(r) half of Hott Beat. Can’t even remember wtf she was squealing about because Tia’s correct: Angela scared the shit outta the Fairchild groupies with her mad witch-cackling and off-key everything. She wore that crazy side-ponytailed blonde-sunglassed mask the whole time--and when it nearly fell off and the confused-amused-soon-to-be-fleeing crowd started coaxing her to take it off, she cried, “Will you still love the real me?” Nope. Instead, she tore off her jacket and skirt to reveal a matching set of candy-necklace-styled bra and panties. To our dismay, no one was biting.

LISTEN: Hott Beat,"Uh Oh (4 Nazi Turd Bush)"
LISTEN: Partyline, "Unsafe at Any Speed (demo)"
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