New remixes: Beck, Bloc Party, and more

It's raining men.

1. We knew as soon as the emails got to our inbox that at least a couple bloggers would beat us to posting these two songs, but we made the principled stand to actually listen to them before we passed them along. Go figure: they're both really good. The Bloc Party song was utterly forgettable the first time around, but as DFA79 fans have already figured out, everything sounds better with a really thick bass sound and DFA-ripoff proto-house drums. Not mad at that in the least. Especially the refrain part that makes us think Kele is about to break into the same Gwen Stefani song that Franz Ferdinand just covered. Giving Paul "Phones" Epworth a run for his BP edit, this MSTRKRFT refix comes courtesy of the newly relaunched Vice Magazine homepage, where the proprietors came up with the magnificent idea of starting their own mp3 blog and cutting out the middlemen. Awesome.

The other song here, of the dame-mas-Guerolito variety, is yet another ridiculously hot outtake from Beck's remix album: you knew when a Diplo version gets doffed to a bonus 12-inch that the batch was going to be something special, and the bumped-but- Fader-leaked South Rakkas mix pretty much sealed the deal. The real weirdness of this here specimen is that it comes from the crazy-ass trio the Mae Shi, who on their own records do a pretty convincing impression of people who hate music. Except for their stunning 2004 Mae Shi Mixtape, where it sounded like they loved music -- lots and lots and lots of it -- so much that they had to knife it all up into tiny little pieces. In any case, they have never sounded like the kind of dudes who would get all worked up over producing a completely serviceable -- dare we say actually real solid? -- reggaeton remix of a Beck song. Better yet, it also came to our inbox complete with the kind of explication that'd make a Village Voice blogger run to IXLM: "So much of Beck's 90s output was a mythologizing of the 80s Los Angeles he grew up immersed in – lowriders, mariachi, turntables and microphones," writes Mae Shi's Brad Breeck. "Sure, it's patronizing at times – 'Odelay' was his gringoapproximation of 'orale,' as in 'orale vato' – but for some, it's the perfect whiteboy synthesis of pre-Rodney King Riots Los Angeles." Dedicating their refix to Daddy Yankee and LA's Latino 96.3, Breeck says the track is the group's "attempt to capture the sound of 2005 in the same way Beck captured the sound of 1985." Mission fucking accomplished.

LISTEN: Bloc Party, "Two More Years (MSTRKRFT Remix)" (mp3)'
LISTEN: Beck, "Que Onda Guero (Team Shi Latino 96.3 Mix)" (mp3)

2. We're sure someone else must've mentioned this already, but did anyone else jump out of their skin when Trick Daddy announces he's about to do it "MIA style" on Disco D's remix of Trick Daddy's "Shut Up"? Somehow that line slipped by us the first time around. It's still funny even after you realize he was under the impression he was rhyming over an old-school miami-bass track, even funnier now that Disco D has tricked him into laying it over, as D points out, "a 108 bpm techno track."

3. Multiple choice. The most awesome song we heard this morning was:

(a) The aforementioned Franz Ferdinand cover of "What You Waiting For?"
(b) Mary J. Blige covering U2's "One" with help from Bono
(c) Black Eyed Peas vs. Arcade Fire, "Hump My Tunnel" -- the "A Stroke of Genie-us" of '05.
(d) Postal Service's John Lennon cover, which people are apparenty loathe to steal from Amnesty International (here's the stream if you want to be a bit more discreet).
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