Twisted Christmas

1. In so many ways, the Christmas mash-up just makes sense. The holidays are a time of pop-culture overload, the airwaves choked with old chestnuts and re-recordings alike, with everyone from Bing to Beyoncé singing about Frosty and Baby Jesus. Between shopping lists and eggnog hangovers, how’s a stressed-out Scrooge supposed to digest them all? Throw ’em in the blender two, three, four at a time. Bob Cronin, a/k/a DJ BC, has done just that with Santastic! Holiday Boots 4 Your Stockings, a free batch of bastard-pop goodies tailor-made for the season. The Somerville DJ who introduced you to The Beastles is no stranger to making primo mash-ups of his own, but this time, he hit up some of his friends for help. "In early November, I PMed and e-mailed various bootleggers who I’ve encountered on, (Get Your Bootleg On), asking them to create a Christmas bootleg remix or mash-up," he writes in an e-mail. "Folks came through in spades with some great tracks." [Continue reading Holiday Mash-Ups by Mike Miliard]

TONIGHT: Our Boston readers should know that DJ BC's bi-weekly Mash Ave. throws its Christmas/record release party at the Independent, with help from our favorite MIA remixer, Boston Bouncer, and mashup appreciator, DJ C. Also with Lenlow, who dares to represent himself with characters other than the second and third letters of the alphabet. Show up and you'll get a free copy of the aforementioned Santastic CD. For those who don't celebrate Jesus's birthday: DJ BC also's got a kosher, non-album track up that pits Gwen Stefani against "Hava Nagila" -- Eve or no Eve, we think a better Jewish pop cross-polination than "Rich Girl." Available in "orthodox" (no drum machine) or "reform" mixes.

LISTEN: Go Home Productions, "Christmas In Boston" (mp3)
LISTEN: Cheeky Boy, "Biggie's Last Christmas" (mp3)
LISTEN: DJ BC, "Challahback Girl (Reform Mix)" (mp3)

2. Now holding down the "Special Blend" Fridays at the Indo between Mash Aves is DJ RNDM, who does mashups the old-fashioned way: two turntables and a fader. Here's the mix he puts up at Christmas time, blending snowflaky seasonals into deep-roasted soul and Reverend-approved rap.

LISTEN: "It's a DJ RNDM Christmas Mix" (mp3)

3. Seeing as this appears to be CBGBs' final Christmas, we were going to save this to put under our iTree for you on X-mas day. But then you wouldn't be able to put it on your X-mas mixtapes, and that would be too bad. From the 1976 CBGBs x-mas single:

LISTEN: Hilly Kristal, "I Wish You a Merry Christmas" (mp3)

4. The Black Crowes reunited just to put out a Christmas single, and this is pretty much the only reason you listen to the brothers Robinson -- to hear them blatantly imitate black soul music, which they do better than most white guys since the Stones who are not called the Black Keys.

LISTEN: Black Crowes, "Back Door Santa" (mp3)
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