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RIP Chris Whitley.

LISTEN: Chris Whitley, "Made from Dirt" (mp3)
LISTEN: to more songs at Messenger Records
READ: [Bio] [Obit, by Billboard's Bradley Bambarger] [ILM thread] [other blogs]

Soft Dangerous Shores by Ted Drozdowski
Live at Passim, 2004 by Ted Drozdowski
War Crime Blues by Ted Drozdowski
Hotel Vast Horizon by Jonathan Perry
Rocket House by Matt Ashare
Interview, April 1998 by Matt Ashare
Interview, May 1997 by Ted Drozdowski

So, just checking: does Omarion get a ghetto pass for performing the Urrsher Memorial (formerly the Justin Timberlake Memorial) Michael Jackson Dance Routine Homage or what? Because that was definitely some worse lip-synching than Ashlee Simpson. Also, just us or did that thing with him and (his mans and them?) Ciara and Bow Wow take place on Sesame Street?
AP reports: gunman fires at, misses Poison's Brett Michaels prior to benefit at the Rumbleseat Bar and Grill in Chicopee, MA. [Details at Blabbermouth]. It's like Mark Thompson says: "You just can't kill cock rock." Hip-hop fan makes good point: the white media thinks rap shows are dangerous?!

1. NYAG Eliot Spitzer bags a Thanksgiving turkey: Warner Music becomes latest major label caught in the new payola scandal, agrees to pay a $5 million fine. [FOX News] They got off easy: SonyBMG got $10 million.

2. Hollywood, Bit Torrent announce detente.

1. Arnold's new tune. Arnold Schwarzenegger is reportedly "dreading" the decision over whether to commute the sentence of Crips co-founder Tookie Williams. But we guarantee he hasn't been dreading it as much as he's been dreading this. Courtesy of Disco D, who you may recall had the internet (not to mention, like, half the MSM) going nuts because he leaked a snippet of one of the K-Fed tracks he's working on. Also via Hollerboard: a Johnny Cash megamix, and dueling Laffy Taffy blends.

2. Newbury Comics is selling the Black Crowes live CD with their Devendra Banhart cover. Check out the disc here, or just go download the track from the Buddyhead dudes.

3. Just in time to upstage that Beatallica show at the Middle East: Q-Unit. Yep, G-Unit meets the songs of Queen:


LISTEN: Q-Unit, "Crazy Little Pimp Called Love" (mp3)
LISTEN: Q-Unit, "Candy Bottom Girls" (mp3)

4. Speaking of which, now we can ask: who goes better with Queen, 50 Cent or Green Day?

LISTEN: Q-Unit, "Bohemian Wanksta" (mp3)
LISTEN: Dean Gray presents American Edit, "Novocaine Rhapsody" (mp3)

5. Who shot 50 Cent? Keep expecting to hear someone showed up to court in a "Stop Snitching" t-shirt. (Sidebar: this domain is owned by Boston rap vet Tangg the Juice? Good looks!) On the same topic, anyone find it more than coincidental that "Stop Snitching" became an MSM meme during the same time that Judith Miller was locked up? Thank Wonkette for the following t-shirt sequel, the perfect gift to (or make that gift from) your favorite Deep (or shallow) Throat. Bob Woodward, what's really?

6. Via Jace Clayton, Beethoven's 9th chopped and screwed. Well, OK, not exactly, but similar concept: in this case, the most recognizable symphony on earth has been artificially stretched out until it's 24 hours long.

7. ONTHEDOWNLOAD: Velvet Underground demos; Gang of Four, "Anthrax (Blood Brothers Remix)"; if you can still remember which band they were, there's a new song by the Futureheads called "Area"; Harry and the Potters go head to head with Jarvis Cocker's Harry Potter band; Yeah Yeah Yeahs remixed by the Faint; and spooky Nick Cave songs from the spooky Nick Cave soundtrack to the spooky Nick Cave movie The Proposition.
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