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It's not like we've been away or anything, but we feel a little off our game. All good, just busy. OK, some updates . . .

1. BIG BEAR NOMINATED FOR METAL ALBUM (???) (!!!!) OF THE YEAR. Also feel free to hit the Plug Music Awards site and click in a vote for fellow Bostonian Edan for hip-hop album of the year; ex-Mass laptop commuters Mobius Band and Boston-raised, New Hampshire-based robodisco dad the Juan Maclean for Electronic/Dance Album of the Year; secretly-from-Boston indie-nerd faves Clap Your Hands Say Yeah for Indie Rock Album of the Year; Boston mixtape kingpin Clinton Sparks (not mentioned as the DJ behind Clipse's) We Got It 4 Cheap, Vol. 2 as DJ Album of the Year; local IDM deity Keith Fullerton Whitman for Avant Album of the Year; and jaded so-LA-not-Boston girlyfolkie Aimme Mann for "Packaging" of the Year. So true.

2. Hollerboard is back like Jesus, bitch!

3. You may have heard about some controversy involving a New York Times columnist claiming that American hip-hop has exerted undue influence on the French, especially the Rioting French. But what about the nasty influence the French are having on American hip-hop? First there was that Dipset-in-French album, now this: DMC leaves Adidas for Le Coq Sportif!

4. This didn't get mentioned on the old Hollerboard, but maybe we'll go post it now: if you missed it, Lemon-Red's Caps + Jones story was really awesome. And for New Englanders, the Brooklyn Kid is back for preturkeytronix at the Red Door in Portsmouth, nohomo, TOMORROW like TUESDAY.

5. Co-signing the assessments of Turntable Lab (ex) employees, the Second Cousins mix is fire. "Smarter than you" "relentless," "coke party music," etc.

6. While we stepped away from our aggregator, Jeff Tweedy covered Neutral Milk Hotel, Rogue Wave covered Nirvana, Bright Eyes covered Feist, the White Stripes ran out of songs again and, instead of covering another Tegan and Sara joint, just started covering their opening bands. And DFA1979 covered the same Danzig song as Sleater Kinney. Oh, and thanks to Stereogum for posting that DFA1979 cover of La Peste we told you about, with bonus-track posting of the original version. And just for total gay-for-DFA1979 overload, here's Music For Robots discoverees Canser de Ser Sexy (of "I Wanna BeYr J-Lo" fame) doing a song called, apparently, "Let's Make Love and Listen [to?] Death From Above."

7. Also, the new Ryan Adams album leaked. No, not the one that came out a couple months ago, the new-new one.

8. Some members of the OTD household have been Hives fans since they were in diapers, and can recite stage banter from the fuzzy live show we taped off cable three years ago. So: don't have to exaggerate about how psyched we are for this thing.

9. The song that didn't make the new Madonna record. And you thought her "New York"/"feel like a dork" couplet was embarassing.

10. The really depressing thing about this King Diamond post is that it doesn't include the very, very amazing Christmas song displayed on the record cover at the top of the post. A song, we'll point out, that we keep putting on holiday mixtapes over and over again, long after friends have threatened us with physical violence if they're ever forced to listen to it again. So instead, we'll have to kick off the holiday season with something completely un-metal, like, oh, how about some authentic-sounding Spectorific Fa-La-La-La-La from NYC hipster-rock tramps Tralala? Just in case anyone's wondering what we want for X-Mas: the MCR action figures, a Joan Jett song for JoJo the Foxboro pop queen, and a Babyface-produced Fall Out Boy album, amen.

LISTEN: Tralala, "Everybody Christmas Time" (mp3)
LISTEN: Tralala, "Christmas Never Comes" (mp3)
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