Blank generation

Amanda Blank photo (we think?) via Faderblog; 12-inch photo via Casi G.

We've established that everyone -- even Madonna? -- loves Baltimore club music, except maybe Chris. Actually, we're not all that hot on it either. Although we're sometimes down with B-more in a theoretical, annoying-hipster kinda way, we've generally regarded it as weak tea to Detroit ghetto-tech's black coffee. In small doses it's OK, though the titles and the vocals are often way more exciting than the music itself, which is a really, really gay. (Speaking non-pejoratively here; we're describing a musical sensibility, got it?) Unless Diplo's name is attached -- and seriously often even when it is -- "Baltimore Club Remix" translates as "Oh, great: smaller, cheaper, gayer." And most of the time it seems like there's only six beats in all of Maryland, and the DJs have got an allergy to spinning more than one line of lyric per song, and . . . oh, you get the picture.

Our skepticism now thoroughly established, you should predict an exception to the rule approaching. B-more is all about the "but," and the big, big but(t) in this instance is BMore Gutter Music, a new mixtape from Low Budget (Hollertronix, no Diplo) and some other guy we've never heard of. Coming out in November, officially, though people appear to be selling it already. This thing is crack: a solid hour of filthy wall-to-wall screaming and shouting and fucking and fighting, its bpms in the upper stratosphere and its dick in the toilet, most of it drawn from regional pressings that never make it north of Philly, levels jumping all over the place, shrieking and tinny like an angry toy that's been left out in the rain, splattered with shrunken, diced Motown oldies and nasty swamp-ass pottymouth chants that make Miami bass sound like . . . I dunno, something not quite as shit-hot as Miami bass. The press release says it's the "new crunk." Ugh. We're bandwagon-jumpers, and that makes even us feel itchy.

There's also a breakout star. We've told you before about Spank Rock. But we haven't mentioned his foil, a girl called Amanda Blank. Not gonna say any more, just listen to the clips (which are mis-tagged -- trust our titles, not the ones that come up in your mp3 player). Fan club forms right here.

LISTEN: Spank Rock feat. Amanda Blank, "Blow" (B-More Gutter Music mp3 clip)
LISTEN: Amanda Blank feat. Spank Rock, "Grit City" (B-More Gutter Music mp3 clip)
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