Weekend Wrap: Bon Savants, Neptune, Broken Social Scene

1. Moody Brit-poppish Bostonians the Bon Savants dressed all in black at their video shoot on Friday for "Why This Would Never Work Between Us." [Full dislosure: Tia dates one of these guys. --OTD.] The band obliged some thirty Emerson College kids for a school-sponsored (a.k.a. FREE!) weekend-long shoot for the song. You can download the song "WTWNWBU" from their Myspace page.

Unlike frontman Thom Savant, drummer Andy (top), bassist Dave (left), and guitarist Kevin (right) are otherwise unlikely candidates for eyeliner and cherry lipgloss.

More Chinaballs! On the set stage, the band had a little trouble synching up their motions with the song's start: either a result of the generously spiked jug of cranberry juice being passed around, or the fact that they were using a new mix of the song that Thom had put together just a day before.

LOOK: More pictures of the video shoot here
WATCH: Bon Savants, "Atomic Age" video (Quicktime)

2. Post-video shoot, hitched a quick ride over to The Midway Cafe for Neptune's first show back in Boston since they returned from a month-long European tour a week ago (they'll head overseas again in November for a two and a half week UK tour). My camera crapped out on me just seconds before the industrial noise-rock trio went all berserker on their homefashioned musical weaponry/instruments. Entirely plausible scenario: the shutter went nuts after capturing openers Robotvoice (a/k/a Donna Parker and Deb Eximious), Boo Radley (a/k/a Night Rally's Luke Kirkland in geek-rap mode), and Black Ice:

Top two: Robotvoice wreck shop. Middle three: Boo Radley's Miss Fairchildesque mannequin?, Boo Radley, Boo Radley. Bottom two: Black motherfucking Ice.

LISTEN: Neptune, "The Lighthouse" (mp3)
LISTEN: Boo Radley, "Breathing Room (East Egg)" (mp3)
LISTEN: Black Ice, "Terrible Ice" (mp3)

3. At Avalon on Saturday night, it was also the first show back in the US, though slightly less of a homecoming for the Canadian indie-rock commune Broken Social Scene. Getting there late as usual (I don't believe in shows that start before 8pm) I missed Feist, but caught 90 minutes of BSS, a healthy mix of tunes off their new self-titled album and You Forgot It in People. And don't ask me how many fucking people were on stage. I hate that. Like, does it matter? I lost track after 10, okay? Gawd! Cami hung out with those dudes before the show, stay tuned for a full report in next Thursday's paper.

Dude in the circle? NOT with the band. Trusting their peace-and-fun-loving fans, the members of BSS encouraged this excited stage-hopper to dance and sing along with them during "Cause = Time" "Almost Crimes" (thanks Chris!). Avalon guards followed suit, for a couple minutes anyway, before politely escorting said dude offstage.

LISTEN: Feist on The World Cafe
LISTEN: Broken Social Scene, "KC Accidental" (RealAudio)
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