Some Girls dance with Daughters

From the top: Wes from Some Girls face to face with dervish-y mosh boy; Steve from Breather Resist gets his cellphone-picture took (that's a good look!); the next two pix are of the guitarists for Daughters; and then the last one is where our photographer, first-rate bro Matt Teuten, got caught up in the Some Girls pit and had to shoot his way out.

We love the way today's hardcore kids have adapted their physical responses to mirror the new developments in hardcore music. See, the dirty secret about hardcore is that it's dance music -- it's for the body, it's cued into rhythm and audience movement. What's crazy is that dudes still find a way to wild out to a band as fucked up as Daughters. This is a band with no traditional breakdowns, but the kids kept finding them anyway -- they would discover the four-on-the-floor pattern buried in the twitchy free-spazz beat, then rally-clapping the shit out of it. OTD's favorite move, though, is the way the kids up front respond to Daughters sharp, feedbacky guitar squiggles: hardcore kids want to pump their fists on the downbeat, but when there's no beat at all, they would raise both hands up over their heads and wiggle their fingers at the shimmer, like old Baptists catching the spirit.

That's a good look: Club Lido, a Revere reggaeton joint with a mirror-and-panelling rec-room vibe that kinda reminds us of Axis and the Channel about ten-fifteen years ago, and not only because it's all-ages with a bar. (It's in the MBTA parking lot at the end of the Blue Line, maybe a 20-minute subway ride from Government Center.) That's what we're talking about: Mike and MassLiveEvents for booking stuff out there. You should go see Mike's shows. What's good: fuckin' Daughters, dude. Now we get why Hydrahead signed 'em. Singer looks like he just fell out of the liner notes to 9 Pound Hammer's Hayseed Timebomb, then screeches like he just got hired to front the Locust's Anal Cunt tribute band side project. Shouts to Doomriders, who we missed (AGAIN!), but who managed to amuse us anyway by playing the lets-see-how-many-stickers-we-can-stick-on-this-dork's-jacket-before-he-notices game. And to Some Girls, for kicking Juliana Hatfield's ass.
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