Derby Dementia

An army of short skirts, fishnetted legs, tattooed arms and black-lined eyes: the Boston Derby Dames (all-girl, flat-track roller derby bad-assness) had their way with Great Scott last night. In attempt to inspire awareness, funds, and new recruits, the Boston roller derby league, who recently declared their independence from their Providence sisters, brought together bands, batons, costumes, dancing, and even derby related movies on the big TV screen.

1. We got your ticket to the gun show: the Derby Dames posed tough for a photo-op at the 66 bus stop outside of Great Scott.

2. Mad scientists Tristan da Cunha played a strangely fitting set of covers (from Steely Dan to Robert Palmer), one of their own tunes, and even added Mike Gintz (ex-Clickers . . . yeah, we still get sniffly at the mention of that band) on sax for a tune.

LISTEN: Tristan da Cunha, "4 Selected Screenplays" (mp3)

3. Derby Dames deejayed between stage sets with mixes of 80's pop, 90's punk, modern indie favorites, and, if the derby sex appeal wasn't evident enough, plenty of songs emphasizing the titties and the pussy. Note the proximity of a Yo MTV Raps CD to the proceedings.

4. Back from the dead: Joe Jack Talcum, former frontman of the Dead Milkmen, wooed a singing along crowd with his solo accoustic set mixed of old DM songs and a few from his own home recordings, which he was selling at the merch table for a mere five dolla. You can listen to his shit here when the page isn't out of service.

5. Over the course of holy shit seven mother humping costume changes, Pleaseeasaur (who in this picture is repping hard for Tatoine) sang some comic pop tunes about No Prob Limo service, the woes of dog shit, cobras that wear sunglasses, and even managed to one-up his kitsch-hop rivals Leslie and the Ly's's original "Stranger Danger" with his own "Strangers Have the Best Candy."

LISTEN: Pleaseeasaur, "No Prob Limo" (mp3)

6. Laurel the Baton Twirler inspired awe and general pumped-upness with her derby-themed baton-dance.

7. Marin pounding spastic keys and Jose is a menace on guitar: dance-punks The Mules ended the night with a final burst of dementia-inducing energy.

LISTEN: The Mules on Myspace

8. The star of the merch table: A is for Aggression. B is for Blocking. C is for Clobber...

Get more pics from Derby Night -- including the Derby gals cutting a rug, and way more costume-change madness -- right over here.
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