1. Residents of Planet Blogg already knows about this (as does anyone who listens to the radio in NYC, apparently), but for the rest of yawl, time to get on our level. When Lenny Kaye or Chairman Mao or somebody compiles the Nuggets of bubblecrunk-n-B, this will be the A-side leadoff. Here, check it:

LISTEN: D4L, "Laffy Taffy" (mp3, via Sinternet)

2. While we're on the subject of candy, we are getting psyched about seeing Gwen on Halloween night. This is going to be the awesomest. We're taking babyjawn, though, so we're a little worried about how thugged out Ms. Stefani's been getting. (So, for other reasons, is Jay-Z?)

LISTEN: Gwen Stefani feat. Slim Thug, "Luxurious" (mp3, via Sinternet)
LISTEN: Gwen Stefani feat. Joe Buddens, "Hollaback Girl (Remix)" (mp3, via Ericz Page)

3. Whatever you do today, make sure this is one of them things: Get the fuck over to Lemon-Red and grab the damn Busta Rhymes song that everyone will soon be freaking out about, and not just because it samlpes Daft Punk. This is not a drill. Wow. Impacting the same night he played Boston? That's a good look.

4. Here's that new Nelly song that Catchdubs mentioned:

LISTEN: Nelly feat. Paul Wall, Ali, and Gipp, "Grillz" (mp3, thanks TJs!)

5. Paul Wall-related: for our money the best thing about the Hollertronix EP is what they do with TV on the Radio, but you won't find anyone getting mad at Toxic Tipping, either. Fluxblog's got the goods.

6. Don't you hate it that no one calls you when Strokes songs leak anymore? Like everyone's too cool to get twisted over it? Reminds us of 1994. How you feel about the Strokes at this instant is a very good indicator of how you would likely have felt about Nirvana just before Kurt died, if you'd even been born back then.

7. Speaking of which, the Nirvana boot that Buddyhead is pulling these live tracks from -- Halloween 1991, Seattle, professional soundboard recording -- is the one to get. It's been bootlegged under about a zillion names. You'll definitely see this released officially some day -- right around the time Frances Bean's first tuition bills come due, maybe?

8. Charity busters: the new Bloc Party on the download from MyOldKentuckyBlog.

9. Finally, the Black Dice leaks you've all been waiting for: the Luomo and DFA remixes of "Smiling Off" have surfaced at Devil in the Woods.
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