If you see Jordyn . . .

. . . you might want to explain the concept of anti-persperent.

1. Note that even after viewing the above photo OTD's festering crushy-crush on Big Bear's Jordyn Bonds has not dissipated in the least. For those that haven't seen the Bear, she isn't injured: that padding on her leg is a protective overgarment she wears to prevent her thigh from being bruised by how hard she pounds it with the tambourine. Also, no matter what you think they sound like from looking at this picture, believe us, you have no fucking idea: they make Isis sound like Pelican. Bigbearsoreal. Their debut CD is on Monitor; vinyl coming soon from these people.

The above pic is from CMJ, and this slightly unhinged dude in NYC who calls himself El Jefe is the guy behind the shutter. See his, uh, review -- "pulverizing, pounding, prehistoric, plowing, pressing, pummeling, punching pelting, pushing, punishing, pawing" -- and more pics over here.

LISTEN: Big Bear, "Track 3" (mp3).

2. Well, fuck, it doesn't show up so well here. But that's Stevie Wonder sitting in with Soulive last weekend. Bastards. The local superstar funky-jazz organ trio, who're no strangers to celebrity guests, are themselves guests on Larry Fucking King on October 25. They also played one of Larry's parties the other night. Damn. Boys are stacking paper. They're back in town November 9 at Avalon.

3. That Frankie J cover of "More Than Words" we told you about a minute ago is getting a commercial release next week. This is that Blue Line/Orange Line music for our Malden secretaries and our Revere Beach bodega girls, all of whom can thank Will Smith for being late to the KISS-FM concert, apparently. From the Sony press release:

“The cover was inspired by a recent show in Boston where Frankie was asked to play an extra song to buy time for Will Smith, who was running late for his performance. With no idea what song to play, Andy Quinn, Frankie’s guitarist and friend since high school, suggested “More Than Words,” a song they used to play together at talent shows and coffee shops. “We hadn’t played that song in years, and we didn’t know if we could pull it off or if the crowd would even be into it. Sometimes you just have to get on stage and roll the dice,” Frankie recalls. “As soon as Andy played that opening lick, the crowd went bananas. Everyone was screaming and singing along with me. It was probably the most beautiful moment I’ve had on stage in my life.”

4. Wayne and Jayce play ping-pong inspired by our bar-napkin-scribbled M.I.A. quote about selling "Galang" to Honda. Good show, lads. We rockists had to get over the whole selling-songs-to-commercials thing a couple years back when Iggy sold our favorite Stooges song to Nike and Volkswagen copped the good Nick Drake tune. It was dark days for a bit. Then we were like, wait: it's OK to get paid royalties on the radio but it's not OK to get paid on the TV? You lose control of context on the radio, too -- Howard Stern could wake up and play your shit tomorrow. And lest anyone forget, radio isn't free: they got ads up in that shit, too (even if you haven't heard 'em since they invented the scan button). Kids ten years younger than us have no problem hearing songs they like in commercials: blame the Warped Tour, which has spent the past decade colonizing NASCAR-izing punk rock. So we got used to it. Getting mad at Iggy for selling "Search & Destroy" to Nike is like getting mad at the girl who was too ugly for you to take to the prom when she goes with someone else. If she didn't go with him, she was gonna sit home alone.

5. While reading the above, came across Rupture's link to "the best online blurbology of Toneburst," the MassArt collective that spawned DJ C, DJ Flack, the aforementioned DJ/Rupture, and Hrvatski. OTD calendar'd that stuff back in the day and never went, because we were going through our death metal/garage rock/'30s country phase and sweating rockist "authenticity." Damn. Too bad you can't post a five-year scene in a yousendit.

6. Have we mentioned lately that Boston hip-hop is really fucking good all the sudden? Are you dudes hearing the shit we're hearing? Did Mumbles lift the two-decades-long ban on commercial bangers? Oh, shit, maybe he did . . .

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