Guess who's back?

1. Bladoww! Certified Bananas is back on the attack with new website, new tunes, new live date: Update the bookmarks 'pon dem. Belated September mix: YES. Long-overdue grouping of CB's greatest-hits exclusive remixes, including flashback to that time Tego Calderon gave a verse to Joanna Newsome on that reggaeton jawn: YES. Place for you to cop all the wonderfully-packaged CB Radio CDs: YES. Advance Warning for October 14 throwdown at Enormous Room: FUCK YES.

New England hardcore: so gangster.

2. WATCH: Ramallah, "The Horror and the Gag" (uh, some kind of flash video, maybe?)

We know you indie-blog hipsters aren't supposed to like thugged out East Coast hardcore, but babygirl playing the ivories on this has us all choked up, for real. Plus: Roballah Lind rocking the Axl Rose bandana and the prison-teardrop tattoo? THAT'S A GOOD LOOK.

(The previous item came to our attention via an old accomplice: what, you didn't think he was gone forever, didja? Oh, no, it can't be: RUCKER'S WORLD IS BACK?!)

2. People slept on What's Next to the Moon, Mark Kozelek's amazing album of AC/DC "covers" -- more like he re-wrote the tunes but kept the words -- until ex-Phoenix hotshot Mike Crowley spilled the beans (somewhat obliquely) in a much-blogged-about piece in TNR. (He does a good job of illustrating something we pointed out in a piece about Napster five years ago: that filesharing "begins to smooth out the differences in accessibility between such market-imposed distinctions as rare and abundant -- Captain Beefheart outtakes and import B-sides are as accessible as the new 'N Sync album, regardless of how many people want to hear them.") Hopefully heads are getting familiar with that album, because it's genius. And also because Mark's at it again: if you're wondering whether to lay odds on the probability of Kozelek's upcoming album of Modest Mouse covers, we'd guess it's better than Kidz Bop, for starters.

LISTEN: 90 seconds of Mark Kozelek's "Love at First Feel" (mp3)

3. Big ups to old pal Kevin Rifle, who we just ran into out front, on his break from a gig at NEC. Those dudes are doing it real big: Billy Joel just handed them a check for $300,000. And Clogs are coming in for a masterclass before their MFA show. Kevin also reminded us about a Boston-based blog we haven't mentioned enough: Bradley's Almanac. The Almanac straps himself up with state-of-the-art field recording equipment and brings back full-show empeefrees from sold-out musical events of note, such as, recently, Sigur Ros at the Opera House. (Check the comments section: kids are shedding tears over it. To be fair, our intrepid music editor, asked for his impressions of said show, was uncharacteristically at a loss for words. "This is gonna sound stupid," said he, "but it was . . . beautiful.")

LISTEN: Clogs, "Pencil Music" (mp3)
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