On Bun and Box Sets and Britney

"The best place to get screwed." Coming this Thurrrrsday.
(Photo of Bun B's "Draped Up" vidshoot via HoustonSoReal.)

1. We're just trying to prepare some of y'all who have not been picking up on all the Screwston vibes in the air. Our rock and roll peoples: pay attention for a minute. White dudes with diamond grills, purple beverages spiked with powerful narcotics, vinyl singles played at the wrong speeds: that's what's up. Chris Nelson, fresh from sippin' Belvedere with Houston legend Bun B, gets you up to speed in this coming week's Phoenix (complete with slang-decoder-ring sidebar). So you can stop feeling nervous when the corner boys laugh at you for not knowing the words to "Sittin' Sideways." Let the pre-turorial tutorial begin:

READ: Bun B talks to The bad news about Bun's forthcoming album: no 50, no Jay-Z. The good news: solid October 18 release date. Oh, and this:

"I got a song called 'The Story' which is basically the whole of UGK. I got a song called 'None Of Us Are Free' with David Banner and Talib Kweli which is talking about, ya know, the hurricane (Katrina) and we been knowing that the government had no love for black people and it's just an accommodation of all the bullshit and fuckery that they been pulling. Shit, I got a song called 'Trill Recognizes Trill' with Ludacris, and I got a song produced by Travis Barker from the Transplants, featuring Rob from The Transplants, called 'Late Night Creepin'."
LISTEN: Bun B, "Draped Up" (mp3)
LISTEN: to the UGK classic "Front, Back, or Side To Side" at Lemon-Red's place.
LISTEN: to a bunch of Slim Thug joints over at Hardly Sean's place.

2. So there's this new DJ Shadow mixtape, Funky Skunk, that no one can afford because it comes with like a $170 box set. A valiant bunch of communist freedom fighters (OK, some nice geeks with blogs) have liberated the Skunk from the box set and are distributing it as an empeefree. The mix is sort of notable because Shadow gets crunk and turns into the incredible hulk and bombs the fuck out of his turntables and rips Southern hip-hop a new asshole. It's like someone took out one of those neon road signs and made it say, "HE'S BAA-AAACK!" We can't tell you where to find this thing, but We Eat So Many Shrimp might be able to help you out. Oldassmotherfuckingdjshadowstillsooootrill.

3. Hit me baby one more time.

LISTEN: to new mom (congrats, yo) Britney Spears's "new" "single," "Over To You Now" (mp3, via Benzi). Warning: even is a little non-plussed.
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