N.E.S.T.: Round Three

SEPT 20 [GS] Devil Music + Black Helicopter + Crank Sturgeon [MA] Protokoll + Ho-Ag + Roh-Delikat + Reports [OB] Alec K Redfearn & the Eyesores + Octave Museum + Ramona Cordova + Meli [ZZ] “Electrosocial” DJ PTVN + Westward Trail + Fiasco

1. DJ MicL Ptvn (not this ptvn) has been killing it on the microprocessors lately. Boy's got his skinny, mustachio'd-dude hustle on f'reels: between Cassette, Lovewhip (who, uh, didn't play last night) and probably something else, we're pretty sure he's scheduled to play like every night of N.E.S.T., even if he isn't. His XXXX-clusive remix of Lovewhip is in the download queue at right. And for those of you who didn't cop his recent MIA remix, you should get that too. Plus he's got new-wave Boston synthpop dudes Westward Trail and NYC's Fiasco tonight over at ZuZu. Putting dollar sign after the numeral = D.I.Y.-SO-TRILL.

LISTEN: Fiasco, "Don't Walk Away" (mp3)
LISTEN: Westward Trail, "Excuses" (mp3)

2. Word on the street (OK, not the street: some geeky chatboard we lurk on) sez Devil Music, in addition to being a great art-rock trio who sometimes transmogrify into a full new-classical-music orchestra and other times into a film-scoring post-rock dynamo, are tonight pulling another trick from out their raggedy sleeves: a nine year old guitar shredder? Black Helicopter are cooler than you because they have a record coming out on Thurston Moore's label. Thurston Moore is cooler than you because he fucks Kim Gordon. So as not to be confused with the obscure dead rock star, the band Presley have helpfully located their Web home here instead of here or here or god forbid here.

LISTEN: Devil Music, "Inferno" (mp3)
LISTEN: Black Helicopter, "Army Pup Tent" (mp3)

3. Champs of art skronk and noise rock, Ho-Ag are dedicated experimentalists: the band’s ever-evolving nature ensures that no set or song gets played the same way twice. Some things are, however, constant: deftly alliterated lyrics about apocalyptic destruction, jaggedy industrialized guitars, maniacal moog melodies, megaphone. A match made in heaven if you dig spazzing out, dancing, weird fun. Also, Roh Delikat indie-gothtronica chanteuse Kristina Johnson was born for stardom.

LISTEN: Ho-Ag, "Ben Sisto Please Email Us the Track Listing" (mp3, from NEST CD comp*)
LISTEN: Roh Delikat "So So Sad" (mp3, from NEST CD comp*)
LISTEN: Reports, "Move and Glow" (mp3)
LISTEN: Protokoll, "Holy Divine" (mp3)

(* coming soon to a url near you! bootleg copies gone, thanks to our friends in . . . France and Sweden? Today the Northeast, next year . . . NATO?)


Alec K. Redfearn & the Eyesores are more than a mouthful: they’re accordion-steered carnival tuneage for the post-folk gypsy-cowboy apocalypse, with a hot female French horn player. Also, Ramona Cordova sounds like Joanna Newsom handjobbing Antony’s Johnsons to the tune of the Believer compilation. And close followers of this blog may have downloaded Octave Museum's fucking awesome Cave-In-meets-solo-Steve-Brodsky three-song demo during the week or two it was online . . . sorry, it's gone now.

LISTEN: Alex K. Redfearn & the Eyesores, "Black Tar and White Slavery" (mp3)

N.E.S.T. DAY TWO ROUNDUP (from Will):

Three bands with animal names transmogrified a compliant crowd at Great Scott into wild dancing beasts. Big Bear got things going, filling the room with ear-shattering, dissonant math-metal riffage and Jordyn Bonds’ ungodly screaming -- dudette wailed so hard her face matched her crimson shirt by the end of the set. Then came our first encounter with the Mules, and fuuuuck -- we were blown away. For a second we thought wit was 1979 and we were watching the B-52’s. "Wig the fuck out!" commanded singer/synthmaster Marin. So we did. Next, Montreal’s We Are Wolves kept the new-wave vibe alive while the crowd readied itself for the only band of the night without a zoological handle. (Translation: despite CMJ buzz, we weren't feeling it.) Olympia’s the Gossip cleared up any confusion as to what the White Stripes would sound like if they were fronted by Aretha Franklin and had a competent drummer -- amazing.
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