Drop your purse and grab your hips

1. Jay-Z: "I gotta put 'em in the choke hold, the Boston crab. I gotta smash a couple of people."

2. Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, and Mariah Carey, "Shake It Off (Remix)" (mp3, via Spine Magazine)

3. Skateboard P unleashes Hollaback 2: The Subtle Disappointment. Yep, it's Pharrell and Gwen, again. And the hook, admittedly, is bananas. The rest of "Can I Have It?" will hafta grow on you. But it probably will. Where to cop? It's pretty much everywhere right now. Also, did you hear DJ Premier is gonna start producing Christina Aguilera singles?

4. Jamesy P's enormous soca hit "Nookie" just got released in the UK. Which probably explains this here:

LISTEN: Jamesy P and M.I.A, "Nookie (Remix)" (mp3), via Diplo.

FYI, for all you people who got sold out of the M.I.A. show at the Paradise on the 23rd, she's doing a free show same night at 6 pm at Newbury Comics on Newbury St.

5. Streets' Mike Skinner apologizes to DJ for stealing his microphone, beatjacks Bloc Party's banquet! According to NME, at least, it is not a mashup. But this one is: Clash's "Magnificent 7" riddim versus Hard-Fi's "Cash Machine," via Team 9.

6. LISTEN: Donnie Cross, "I'm A Hater" (mp3)

If you were gonna make the rap equivalent of Fatal Attraction -- like if you were into creating some retarded, cheezy ultravillain from the pop-psychological hip-hop collective unconscious -- hands down the Hollywood stalker badguy would be called some variation on, like, "The Hater." He would be a mean dude. He would be full of, like, hate and stuff. Wouldn't give reasons, wouldn't cry about how his daddy died and his momma's on welfare, he would just hate and hate and hate and hate, and after he got done hating he'd drink a shitload of fucking vodka and then he would hate some more. And the music he made would sound brutal and evil, like an autistic five-year-old pounding out a three-note grindcore riff on the lowest keys on the piano, and then he would "piss on your couch and shit in your fridge." Basically, if heavy metal was anything remotely as diabolical and gothic and stewed and nefariously depraved as this song, OTD would still have hair down to the ass. Even dude's interviews read like some Tom Arraya-talking-to-Circus-in-1984 type shit: "Hate is a part of human emotion and emotions are what make us individuals. So if I’m not conforming to your norm or I don’t like what you like then I’m a Hater. It’s a metaphor for individualism.”

7. LISTEN: Obie Trice, "Wanna Know" (Real Audio stream)

The first time around, Eminem's protege bombed atomically. But this track, which heads have been bumping since it showed up on Entourage, is on some napalm-death shit: Zeppelinized guitars + lyrics aimed at white kids (eBay? Van Halen?) = (or >?) the sum total of Trick Daddy's "Let's Go" and Edan's "Rock N Roll." If you're all like, "Dude, what's with this stream bullshit?", go to Rollie's place. Seems like we're calling his number a lot, but even his back-up's killing it: "Wanna Know", yes, and also the Triple-Six "Stay Fly" remix, the Damian Marley/Nas collabo, and another new Franz Ferdinand track.
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