Rising stars

1. Re-ups: posting that Katrina freestyle a couple of days back killed Catchdubs' server, but other folks have caught on. So if you slept, here's hip-hop's response to the hurracaine one more time.

LISTEN: Mos Def, "Katrina Clap" (mp3)
LISTEN: k-otix, "George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People" (mp3)
READ: Riddim Method on GBDCABP

2. New addition to the Katrina literature: Boston's own No. 1 (of Big Digits) delivers his own Ray Nagin remix, this one over the ever-popular (ok, actually he just invented it) "House of the Rising Sun" riddim.

LISTEN: "This House Will Rise Again (No. 1's Ray Nagin Remix)" (mp3)

3. Video for new KANO single featuring Streets' Mike Skinner, a beach, and some white girls. Breakthrough?

WATCH: Kano, "Nite Lite" (WMV stream)

4. It's a rule: if you have a blog, you must mention Arcade Fire or Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at least once every thirty seconds or else you lose your license. We're sick of talking about CYHSY at the moment, so guess we'll just talk about how last week the Arcade Fire had David Bowie come sing with them and then, in a separate Bowie-less incident, covered the Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Maps."

5. Shout out to Roxbury MC (and former Wiseguys/Hangmen 3 dude) Man Terror and the Soul Estate squad, with whom we broke bread this afternoon. They're working on a web link, and we'll have a track for everyone real soon. In the meantime, stop by Funky Fresh Records in Dudley Square and cop Ask Yourself Vol. 1, complete with Chubby Chub drops and a dope Disco D beat.

6. Shout out to Anal Cunt's Seth Putnam, who, we're sort of happy to report, is just as big an asshole now (i.e., now that he's mostly recovered from his coma-inducing drug overdose a year ago) as he always was. In the print edition, in the not-too-distant future: a report from Seth in "cripple school," with all the fucked up sex- drugs- and violence-ridden details on how Our Generation's G.G. Allin (barely) managed not to kill himself.

7. Don't you hate it when people post those "Stuff we're loving the shit out of but are too pussy to leak right now" posts? Us too. But here's one anyway:

a) Bloc Party, "Helicopter (Diplo Remix)"
b) M.I.A., "Galang (Serj Tankian Remix)"
c) That new Iron and Wine/Calexico EP: why the fuck isn't anyone posting songs from this?
d) N.E.S.T. compilation. Actually, we can probably leak this. But we hafta check.
e) Rainbow Bright, "The Rollah"
f) M.I.A. "URAQT (DJ C Remix)"
g) Will Oldham "Gratitude" (writtten by Bjork)
h) Certainly, Sir, TAN
i) Boy In Static, "Stay Awake (Alias Remix)"

Okay, we're lying about one of those: we don't actually have it. But we're pretty sure it's good anyway.
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