People helping people is what we do

And the 'Dome. Went. Crazaaaaayyy.

1. FEMA Rap for Kids. Alarmingly, not a parody. Stream it:

"Disaster . . . it can happen anywhere,
But we've got a few tips, so you can be prepared
For floods, tornadoes, or even a 'quake,
You've got to be ready - so your heart don't break.

"People helping people is what we do
And FEMA is there to help see you through
When disaster strikes, we are at our best
But we're ready all the time, 'cause disasters don't rest."

2. BOUNCE FOR RELIEF. Cocaine Blunts posts a definitive history of rare N'Awlins bounce tracks to benefit disaster victims -- but you motherfuckers better donate. Don't make me look like an asshole for sending a bunch of cheapskatey, bandwidth-eating hipsters over there. Honor thy honor system, duders.

3. Red Cross, GET FAMILIAR: "Clinton Sparks dares top party promoters across the country to step up and coordinate events where he will donate his legendary DJ sets free of charge in exchange for 100% of each event's proceeds being donated to the victims. Five promoters in any city in the United States who can provide the biggest and best turnout will be chosen to host a "Dare to Care" Event. 100% of the proceeds from these events will be donated in their names to the various charitable organizations such as The American Red Cross, AmeriCares, United Way, & The Salvation Army. For more information regarding the "Dare to Care" campaign, please send all event proposals to"

4. CD Baby got 5000 bands to sign over 100 percent of their CD sales to the Red Cross: another way to donate and get free music.

5. UPDATE from Quintron & Miss Pussycat at Tigerbeat 6, plus new song at Fluxblog.

6. Hurricane Trina. If you've heard "The Club Went Crazy," you know what we're talking about.

6.5. DJ Benzi has a new freestyle from Big Easy native Chopper (of making the band fame), new enough to mention Katrina by name.

7. Missed this over the weekend: Pre-War Blues posted a Lee Dorsey song and noted that its producer, Allen Toussaint, had been spotted at the Superdome.

8. New Yorker's Alex Ross (he's the guy who isn't SFJ) weighs significance of Dylan's 9.11.01 album re: Katrina.

9. Houston, we have a problem: Chamillionaire feat. Lil' Flip, "Turn It Up" (mp3, via Street Info Network)

10. Jay-Z co-signs Kayne's NBC sermon. Also, because the streets asked for it, a re-up of the censored Kanye NBC video, via Crooks and Liars.

11. All in one place: the El-P remix of non-hurricane-victim New Orleansian Trent Reznor's joint, a nice hi-res screen capture of Kanye/Myers, and the hot Lindstrom remix of LCD Soundsystem: all over at Razorblade Runner.

NON MUSIC RELATED KATRINA INFO: Red Sox + Harley Davidson + Tweeter Center = "Rally for Fellow Americans In Need," September 8

NON KATRINA RELATED MUSIC INFO: Deathwish Inc. has the best splash pages ever. Doomriders doing it randomly, but will pop for sure if you click here.

JUST SAYIN': Compound 440r. Finna do it real big. You heard it here first. No links. Just real talk.
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