How to be good

Pain: the aftermath.

Pain: Willie Mitchell's personal copy of the first James Brown LP.

If we went to church, we'd give at church. We on the internerd, tho, so we're giving on the internerd. You should too. Consult your local message board, or one of the ones below.

1. Soulstrut's certified heatrocks: "Let a heatrock loose©.Pick a record from your collection for sacrifice. The idea should be to pick something that will hurt you not to have. That’s what sacrifice is about. That pain you’ll feel is called empathy, compassion, camaraderie. Because every time you think of that particular record, and you feel the pang of its absence, you can think of all the victims of Katrina who lost their entire record collection, their pets, their homes, their loved ones, their lives, and you can count yourself among those who were part of the solution. Providing momentary relief to their struggle. Everyone wins with “Let a heatrock loose©.” Victims of the hurricane get relief. The seller gets the satisfaction of giving (this is great for folks who are short on cash but long on compassion). The winner not only gets satisfaction of winning and donating, but they receive a record they’ve been wanting."

2. Honeypump: 9/11 Benefit for Katrina victims. Featuring DJ sets from Certified Bananas (Provi-tronix), DJ Drisky (crunk/grime/reggaeton), DJ Knife (of Marinate), DJ Whiz (some dude). Sunday September 11 Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston 9 pm $10.

Also, Great Scott rock benefits, September 12-13, performers TBA.

3. All Hip Hop's Ill Community benefit thread, also a special report on hip-hop stars responding to the tragedy.

4. Off topic a little: since when are the Roots down with Deerhoof? Okay, back on topic: Roots are co-signing Move On's Hurricane Housing boards.

5. The black-folks telethon.

6. The white-folks telethon.

7. Hoping for an encore by Kanye "Speaking Real Words" West at MTV's telethon. Mediocre sophomore record or no mediocre sophomore record, dude's NBC rant just made him a national hero.

8. Goes without saying we're co-signing what Yeezy said. At first we wished he hadn't looked quite so shook: when he started babbling about business managers and his own hypocrisy it was like he was having "Diamonds from Sierra Leone" flashbacks. But by the time he got to the kicker, shit was feeling pretty sincere: like he was telling us it was time for everyone to start getting real shook. For a second we thought he was gonna shed some Ray Nagin/Geraldo Rivera tears. (In case you missed it, Ger was over at the Convention Center snatching up black babies and bawling into the camera on some "let-my-people-go"-type Shakespeare-ery. Speaking of which, for a bunch of douchebags, the Fox News guys on the ground are as pissed off at the Feds as Anderson Cooper. Which is saying something.)

9. All Hip Hop reports Kanye was edited out of the tape-delayed West Coast broadcast. Can't speak on that, but we caught the MSNBC re-run at midnight and the kid was still in the picture, completely uncut.

10. Teaching the Indie Kids goes on a rant, and for the soundtrack picks . . . Dear Leader?
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