Five clicks for the Click Five

Report on last night's Click Five record-release show at the Middle East coming in print, but not for a week. For what it's worth, less than 24 hours after their album came out, those kids have the #1 most downloaded song on iTunes. They're gonna be on Conan tomorrow night. INSANITY. Rucker saw the perfect-storm clouds gathering before anyone else, but honestly, OTD had no idea these kids were coming with such a focused marketing game. It's been fun to watch them roll the damn thing out -- way more fun than watching them perform. But seriously, we're this close to throwing our cynicism out the window and just going Inside Track -- y'know, like, reporting on them everytime they go to Felt or eat at Sonsie or stiff a cab driver or whatnot. We've already been in contact with someone who's slept with the drummer. DON'T THINK WE WON'T INTERVIEW THE GROUPIES. We hope it doesn't come to that, though.

CLICK ONE: Send in your receipt for Welcome to Imrie House, win a bro-down with the Click Five.

CLICK TWO: Stuff the ballot box for the Click Five on TRL! But remember! "After about 50 votes change the state you are voting from, because MTV only accepts a certain number of votes from each State." (Sorry, buried the lead: "Make sure the date of birth you put is after 1986. MTV only accepts votes by individuals 20 years of age or younger.")


CLICK FOUR: "My name is Jackie. I live on Long Island NY!!! Im 18 and going to Berkeley College to study fashion!! I met The Click Five when i went on TRL July 27 2005! Then I met them again July 30 2005!!

CLICK FIVE: 13-year-old hoochies heartbroken: "No more meet and greets?!!"
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