Ghetto boys

The other Ghetto Fighters, from Univibes.

1. OTD is on record as being vehemently pro-Tunnel of Love. (That's them in the tights, at right, way down the bottom at present.) We will soon be on record as being pro-Radar Eyes. So even though we haven't seen them yet, we're already leaning towards being pro-GHETTO FIGHTERS, who are two tunnel of loves and one radar eye. (No link: GF is kinda new, and maybe not worth a web page.) They are playing tonight with the Peppermints (see below) at O'Brien's and Thursday opening for Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat at JHCC.

From Andy Tunnel of Love: "Ghetto Fighters is me and Makoto being bored and stupid while my bro is being busy and rich in NY drawing boxes for video games. (He did the GTA San Andreas box!!) The name is taken from Jimi Hendrix's back up singers. Originally was going to be a lo-fi rap crew, but has devolved into yelping chipmunk voices over casio/drum machine explosions. But I guess that's neither here nor there, since at Quintron we've decided to bring our friend, Jason, and do some double feedback guitar solos with drums and echo screaming. Yay."

2. We don't have any Ghetto Fighters mp3s for you, 'cause they don't exist. We do, however, have an mp3 of the original Ghetto Fighters -- here's a minute and a half of them playing "Mojo Man" with Hendrix on lead:

Ghetto Fighters, "Mojo Man" (mp3 clip, via Univibes)

3. Check back soon for a Tunnel of Love mp3 from their new Tunnel of Love (ECA). To tide you over, more advice from Andy Ghetto Fighter:

"Cheeseburger is the dopest rock band in NYC right now. I'm not sure if they're on everybody's radar yet or not, but you should check 'em . . . just sayin'." We did. They are. Not only that, they've got an EP out called Fuck the Dropkick Murphys. Actually, no, it's just called The Gang's All Here. Same difference. Check this shit out:

Cheeseburger, "Easy Street" (mp3)
Cheeseburger, "Saturday Nite" (mp3)

4. Oh, right: the Peppermints: Even if you're one of those people who thinks Animal Collective are full of shit and Ariel Pink are worse, don't write off the latest signing to AC's Paw Tracks imprint: the Peppermints' new Jesus Chryst comes with a press photo that looks like an orgy breaking out at the Last Supper - which is pretty much what the album sounds like. Three crust-punk girls and one geek pounding out "experimental barfy trash rock" that'll melt your banana, they're at O'Brien's with Ghetto Fighters + Magic People + Cassette 3 Harvard Ave, Allston 617.782.6245.

Peppermints, "Rabid Frog" (mp3, via Paw Tracks)
Peppermints, "Rabid Frog" (video, via Paw Tracks)
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