Five Panels to see this morning at Netroots

Here are the five panels you gotta see:

1) The Power of Our Stories: Making Complex Issues Accessible, Room 555, 9 am: The left needs work on its narrative. Learn how to use personal stories.

2) Women Rule: Keys for Social Media and Electoral Success, Room 551, 9 am: The private sector figured it out long ago: women rule the web. Democrats haven't quite figured out how to exploit that. I write about this in my Netroots Nation preview here.

3) Taking the Offense in State Elections, Ballroom B, 9 am: Conservatives were on offense over the last year, everywhere from Wisconsin (see Walker, Scott) to Mississippi (fetal personhood). The left needs to punch back.

4) Handcuffs, Conventional Wisdom and Dirty Oil: Activism's Big Win Against the Keystone XL Pipeline, Ballroom A, 10:30 am: Environmental hero Bill McKibben headlines this look at the inside-outside game behind one of the left's biggest wins of late. See preview referenced above.

5) Organizing Lessons from SOPA and PIPA, Ballroom D, 10:30 am: The Internet blew up in January and defeated these anti-piracy bills. Can it happen again? 

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