Women for Doherty

Congressman David Cicilline is making women's issues a central plank in his re-election fight. His most recent foray: a fundraising appeal that calls out Senate Republicans for blocking the Paycheck Fairness Act, which aims to combat the pay disaprity between men and women.

It’s the 21st Century but women in this country still make an average of 77 cents to every dollar men make, so I was deeply disappointed to see the Paycheck Fairness Act fail in the Senate today. This legislation would make it easier for women to pursue legal recourse if they find out they are being paid less than their male colleagues for equal work, prevent retribution for disclosing salaries, and improve enforcement tools to help eliminate illegal wage disparities. In short, it’s just common sense.
But, as usual, corporate special interests and their Tea Party-backed Republican allies blocked this pragmatic approach to a very real problem affecting women’s lives. Leading the opposition was the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the same group who just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in shady special interest money on behalf of David's Republican opponent.

Well, David's Republican opponent, Brendan Doherty, is pushing back a bit. His campaign has just announced a "Women for Doherty" rally on June 13 in Newport. "Complimentary Hors D'Oeuvres and Parking," we're told.

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