A Look-See at the Redistricting Map

Democrats and Republicans alike objected to a series of Congressional redistricting proposals put forward by the state's consultant recently. Among the objections: the Republican candidates for Congressman David Cicilline's seat - Brendan Doherty and John J. Loughlin II - would have found themselves living outside of the district under a couple of the proposals; and too many voters would have been moved out of their traditional Congressional districts.

Moving tens of thousands of people around seemed particularly unnecessary to critics given that the 2010 census found a relatively small imbalance - of roughly 7200 people - between the state's two Congressional districts. C. Kenneth Wild Jr., district director for Congressman Langevin, made the argument before the state's redistricting commission, as reported by the Providence Journal:

"It would appear that these maps are an attempt to do a heart transplant where a package of Rolaids would have taken care of the patient," Wild told the commission on behalf of the Democratic congressman. "It's an extreme makeover when fixing a door hinge would have worked." 

Wild worked with the consultant to develop a plan that would move the line separating his district from Cicilline's just slightly - and all within the city of Providence. The move should, incidentally, help out Cicilline - the former mayor of Providence - in his tough re-election fight

I tried to post the map yesterday, but ran into some technical problems (damn you, Bill Gates). Here it is now

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