Taveras' Middling Poll Numbers

A new poll out of Brown's Taubman Center reinforces an ironclad rule of politics: it's the economy.

Providence Mayor Angel Taveras has received glowing press for attacking the city's budget woes head-on. And that has certainly insulated him, to some degree, from the slings and arrows of economic misfortune. But he still gets middling reviews from voters.

The Brown poll of 435 registered Providence voters found 48 percent rating his job performance"excellent" or "good" and 44 percent "only fair" or "poor." That put him below President Obama's 56 percent approval rating among Providence voters.

This poll is a bit unique in that it focuses on Providence voters alone. Most Brown polls - including a March survey that put Taveras' approval ratings at 52-32, making him the most popular politician in Rhode Island - tap a statewide sample.

That March survey may have captured some of the more conservative sentiment elsewhere in the state - the sort of voters who would be impressed with Taveras' tough-on-the-budget approach. 

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