All Quiet At Salty Brine, For Now

Well, we're almost a week into Cumulus' reign at talk-radio station WPRO and John DePetro, Buddy Cianci, Dan Yorke, and Matt Allen were still on the air.

Cumulus' purchase of Citadel Broadcasting, former owner of the station, has been in the works for some time. The deal was finally completed Friday, bringing together two of the largest radio companies in country. The new Cumulus - with some 570 stations spread across 120 markets - still ranks second to Clear Channel.

There has been some concern, in recent months, about whether the new ownership could mean an end to local programming and a turn to nationally syndicated programming. But if that uneasiness still hovers, most at WPRO seem confident the station's profitability will keep it safe from meddling - at least for now.

There may be a shift in culture, though, in the works. Early word is that the Cumulus guys are old-school. A bit more buttoned-down. Thick employee manuals have gone out. No jeans at work or drinks with clients. Hard to imagine a deal getting done in this town without a martini involved.

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