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Congressman James Langevin, the most prominent Democratic voice in the House of Representatives on cybersecurity, has lately complained that Speaker of the House John Boehner has shut out Democrats on the issue by creating an all-Republican cybersecurity task force.

From Politico:

“It’s frustrating to see at the leadership level that Speaker Boehner and [Majority Leader Eric] Cantor are making this into a partisan issue,” Rep. Jim Langevin (D-R.I.) told POLITICO. “There’s too much at stake here, and we need to have both parties working on this.”

GOPers dispute his account, saying Democrats will have ample opportunity to weigh in. And industry types say the panel could prove useful in sheperding the bill through the House's complex jurisdictional politics, with different committees claiming ownership of the issue.

But if Langevin does, indeed, have trouble making a mark in Washington, he's moving to do something at home. Today came the announcement of a Rhode Island cybersecurity team. From the AP:

Rhode Island officials on Monday unveiled a new team of law enforcement, emergency planners, academics and private businesses aimed at taking down threats to cyber security and tackling cyber attacks when they happen.

Members of the new Rhode Island Cyber Disruption Team said the partnership is a model for other states trying to pool resources from inside and outside of government to address cyber-security problems.

"Rhode Island is really leading the country," said J. David Smith, executive director of the state Emergency Management Agency. "Cyber is just one of those elements of the state's emergency operations plan that we can't ignore. It has to be a high-profile focus."

Whether the states can do much on an issue of global scope is yet to be seen. But this should be an interesting project. 

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