In the Phoenix: The End!

Well, people, it's over. If you haven't heard, the end is coming Saturday. The Rapture. The holy will ascend to Heaven and the rest of us will be left to the endure the brutal destruction of the planet. And the Phoenix has a handy dandy guide to the Big Show!

That's right. Radio preacher Harold Camping is guar-on-teeing Judgement Day this weekend. His followers have launched a nifty bus tour, just through Providence. And the Phoenix puts you onboard, with a firsthand account. We've also got answers to all your questions about the end of days, like, if I get raptured, do I get to take anything with me?

I've also got a piece on Wikileaks, coming to a city near you. Digital leaks are going local - and everything could change. Unless, of course, the world ends.

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