Cicilline Raises $125,000 in First Quarter

A spokesman for David Cicilline says the freshman Congressman raised approximately $125,000 in the first quarter, and should finish with about $75,000 on hand.

The figure will, inevitably, be compared to the eye-popping $1 million-plus Senator Sheldon Whitehouse says he raised in the same period. And you can bet the gap will weigh heavily on the minds of figures like Brendan Doherty, who may be weighing a challenge against one of the two.

But this is hardly an apples-to-apples comparison: Whitehouse is a member of the majority party in the Senate, where he is one of 100 votes; Cicilline is a freshman member of the minority party in the House, where he sits on less-than-ideal committees for fundraising purposes.

Moreover, Cicilline's prowess as a fundraiser, over time, is significant. No would-be challenger can expect to outraise him in the long run.

That said, Ciclline's image has been damaged by the deep fiscal problems in Providence and a widespread perception that he covered them up when he ran for Congress. And Whitehouse's fundraising advantage is sure to buttress the conventional wisdom that, for an ambitious pol looking to land in Congress, Cicilline makes for the more appealing target.

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