Chafee Ends Talk Radio Ban

Governor Chafee ended his talk-radio ban today, popping in on Dan Yorke and suggesting that he never really intended a ban of any length. The administration, he argued, was just trying to get its feet on the ground in its first few months. He also suggested the controversy got caught up in - and magnified by - the Arizona shootings.

It was, in short, not a terribly convincing explanation. But the governor did take the blame for poorly communicating about the ban at the height of the controversy. And he took Yorke's ribbing like a good sport.

The "ban" was not the crime against the First Amendment that some suggested; talk-radio, after all, is not a down-the-middle news outlet and if it plays the partisan, it should expect consequences.

But it wasn't terribly smart politics or policy either. Now it's over. The governor gets credit, at least, for that.

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