The Personal Politics of Gay Marriage

It is easy, from the outside, to underestimate the power of the personal in politics. But it matters, especially in a state as small as Rhode Island - see the debate over the state's medical marijuana bill, named after the late Representative Thomas Slater.

It will play a role - just one of many factors, to be sure - in the same-sex marriage drama unfolding at the State House in the coming weeks and months.

Among the pols who will be talking, State Senator Rhoda Perry, a longtime supporter of same-sex marriage. I had a brief chat with her today and here's what she said, in part:

I, as a mother of a gay man, and as the aunt of a gay nephew who actually died of AIDS - I have a story and I'm telling that story.

As Perry points out, the state Senate also has a new, openly lesbian member in Donna Nesselbush. Her story will doubtless come into play, too. How potent will it be? We'll soon find out. 

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