Marriage Equality Responds

The National Organization for Marriage - Rhode Island has launched an anti-gay marrriage TV ad campaign, focused on a call for a referendum on the matter. But don't expect an air war anytime soon.

Kathy Kushnir, executive director of Marriage Equality Rhode Island, says her organization has no plans for a TV campaign of its own, focusing instead on grassroots organizing. To wit: MERI will deliver some 10,000 postcards from citizens supporting same-sex marriage to the General Assembly today.

Reacting to NOM-RI's call for a referendum is a tricky endeavor. Same-sex marriage proponents don't want to seem anti-democratic. Kushnir's argument: the voters spoke with the November election. But it's a tough sell when same-sex marriage wasn't a major campaign issue and Chafee was elected with only 36 percent of the vote.

Then again, getting the legislature to sign off on a referendum is an even tougher sell. It is the inside game that matters more, here. And the post cards are a start.

Kushnir, moreover, is making her own appeal to democracy: amid fears that the bill will remain bottled up in committee in the state Senate, she says supporters simply want a floor vote.

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