Anti-Gay Marriage Ad Campaign Launches

And the battle is joined. The National Organization for Marriage - Rhode Island, local branch of a national organization opposing same-sex marriage, will launch a television advertising campaign tomorrow.

NOM-RI is announcing the campaign with some sharp words for new Governor Lincoln Chafee, a same-sex marriage supporter whose election has significantly boosted the prospects of passage of a gay marriage bill. Christopher Plante, head of NOM-RI, notes in a news release that Chafee was elected with 36 percent of the vote and suggests that's "no mandate to redefine the institution of marriage for all of Rhode Island society":

“In some ways, Lincoln Chaffee [sic] is an accidental governor for Rhode Island, elected in the most unusual of circumstances,” Plante said. “Yet he expects legislators to follow him off the cliff in pursuit of same-sex marriage. This is what happened in neighboring New Hampshire and before that in Maine. In both those states, politicians who followed their so-called leaders have been replaced with pro-marriage legislators and same-sex marriage has been repealed, or is on its way to being repealed. In Iowa, three judges who voted to impose same-sex marriage were summarily thrown out of office by voters. If legislators in Rhode Island wish to redefine marriage, they should put this issue on the ballot where the people themselves can decide if they wish to abandon one of the most fundamental institutions of society."

Still waiting to see the ad itself. Previous NOM ads have suggested that legalizing same-sex marriage will mean schools teaching that gay marriage is acceptable.

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