The Gloves Come Off

Rhode Island's Tea Party saw only modest gains in the legislature amid a national anti-Democratic wave, raising real questions about its staying power. But in a post-election message to supporters, the group vows to fight on, saying "the gloves must come off":

After Tuesday's election results, indeed you may feel surrounded by the entitled, the ignorant and apathetic, and the public sector political machine that rolls the hard working taxpayers in Rhode Island. Some have vowed to leave this state. We hope that is not true. 

We need to be proud of our victories, which were impressive for a nascent group of conservative political newcomers in a cobalt blue state. Of the 45 Tea Party endorsed candidates for General Assembly, 10 emerged as winners. Another elevn candidates came within single digit percentage points of victory. Stand proud and think of any other organization that has accomplished as much in such a short period of time. The Left has had a hundred years to entrench themselves; the Tea Party has been in existence for eighteen months. We have made a great start.

Congratulations and thank you to all of our candidates, and particularly to those who won and will proudly represent We the People in the General Assembly. We've now got more friends in there watching out for our interests than ever before...

We need to reflect on what we must do to hone our strategies for Victory in 2012, and we must start NOW.  When at war, there is no rest for the weary. We are out-manned, out-financed, out gunned. We can begin to address those issues. But we must not lose our most precious resource- our inner resolve and passion to turn this state around. It can be done. Saving Rhode Island, and restoring the freedom that we as citizens are meant to have, will be worth the effort.

While the lessons are fresh, we want to learn from our experiences in this election, and remember them. If you saw or did things that worked well, or didn't, please send your observations to

In addition to preparing for more victories in the critical election of 2012, we in the Tea Party have important work to do during the legislative session of 2011, which begins in only eight weeks. The Tea Party must be involved in the process to a much greater degree than we have ever been in proposing good laws and blocking bad ones.

Our next statewide meeting in December will focus on your ideas for what the Tea Party will do beginning in January, 2011 to keep our government honest and begin restoring fiscal sanity to Rhode Island.

Thank you for your time and commitment to our candidates. We must step up our game. We will remain vigilant. We will hone our strategies and skills. And the gloves must come off. 

Are you ready? 


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