Caprio's Steep Climb

The results of the recent WPRI-TV poll, when reviewed in detail, show just what a climb Democratic gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio faces on Election Day. The survey, most of it conducted before his "shove it" comment, showed him just a slight edge on independent Lincoln Chafee among Democrats - we've known that was a problem for awhile.

But most remarkable are his poor numbers among independents: he gets just 13 percent of the independent vote to 29 percent for Republican John Robitaille and nearly 34 percent for Chafee. These were the centrists he had to win over - and for a time it seemed he would, with his moderate message.

Now, it appears the more conservative-minded independents have broken toward Robitaille and getting them back this late in the game will be tough.

There is some volatility here. The WPRI poll, taken October 21-25, showed 17 percent of independents still undecided.

But if Caprio is forced to rely on driving his Democratic supporters to the polls, his "shove it" comments will be no great boon.

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