The Image Question

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio's apparent attempts to strike a deal with Republicans - meeting with the Republican National Committee and then allegedly asking GOP gubernatorial candidate John Robitaille to pull out of the race in support of his candidacy - could make some of the moderate, rank-and-file Democrats who might naturally tend toward Caprio think twice.

But that's not the only trouble these stories present. If independent rival Lincoln Chafee plays this right, the story could also buttress the contrast he's been building in the run-up to November: Chafee's as the incorruptible anti-politician and Caprio as something less than.

It is a narrative Chafee has been building quite effectively with his biographical commercials, his opposition to the 38 Studios deal - only later joined by Caprio, and his attack ad on Caprio, which focuses on the treasurer's decision to return campaign contributions from out-of-state lawyers seeking state business. 

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