Man v. Message

I've got a piece in this week's Phoenix, on newsstands tomorrow, about the fascinating gubernatorial match-up taking shape now that Patrick Lynch has dropped out of the race.

It's Chafee v. Caprio in a race that is already scrambling traditional political alliances - Chafee, the independent, leads Caprio, the Democrat, among Democratic voters in the latest poll - and sets up an interesting showdown between man and message.

Chafee's campaign is about the man - a well-known figure who has carved out a reputation as an independent, a truth teller, an atypical pol (see Sockgate). Caprio's campaign is about the message - small business and jobs.

Both campaigns are, in their own way, suited to the times. Chafee, an independent, runs in a moment of extreme voter discontent with typical party politics. Caprio's economic message is well-tuned to the recession. Who will win? We've got about three months until we find out.

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