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A few stray media/politics observations as we kick off the week:

  • The Politifact Moment: During last week's Congressional debate, businessman Anthony Gemma paused as he was recalling a statistic to note that Politifact, the ProJo's newish fact-checking service, was in the room and that he'd better get it right. A little indication of how the effort, the local version of a Pulitzer Prize-winning idea out of the St. Petersburg Times in Florida, can shift the conversation.
  • The iPhone App: Speaking of Gemma, word this morning that he's releasing an iPhone app that will provide a calendar of campaign events, photos, videos, etc. One wonders when the nifty technology no longer impresses. If Gemma's performance at the debate last week is any indication, he may need to spend a little less time on the gadgets and a bit more polishing his public speaking.
  • Say it ain't so, Patrick: Yankees owner George Steinbrenner's death ocassioned many a look-back. Among them, a glance at his hefty political donations. The gifts were venly split between Republicans and Democrats, it turns out, with a heavy emphasis on New York (obvious reasons) and Florida (he lived there). And he made donations to both of the parties' leading families: the Bushes and the Kennedys. Rhode Island's own Representative Patrick Kennedy was among the recipients.
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