On Lynch's (Presumed) Exit

The Providence Journal's Kathy Gregg has a piece on the paper's web site intimating that Attorney General Patrick Lynch will drop out of the governor's race tomorrow.

If she's right, it'll be a nice coup for the paper. Joel Coon, Lynch's campaign manager, declined to comment when reached by N4N - hardly a strong signal that Lynch is in the race to stay.

Lynch's departure would surely focus attention on what observers have called an unfocused campaign, which seemed particularly lacking in the face of Democrat Frank Caprio's highly disciplined operation. But it also raises questions about the strength of the progressive wing of the party.

Caprio is a pro-business centrist. And Lynch tried to run to his left, but he never got traction. To be sure, there is an argument to be made that the lackluster quality of his campaign - and a track record that never got the left all that excited - had more to do with the flame-out than ideology.

But one wonders if another, more highly disciplined progressive would have had much chance against Caprio's troubled-times message of small-business revival. Indeed, one wonders if a traditional liberal would have fared all that well in the general election in November - against formidable independent Lincoln Chafee - given voter anxiety over the economy and state budget woes.

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