Death of Immigration Bill Goes National

CNN has a piece on Speaker of the House Gordon Fox's decision to kill State Representative Peter Palumbo's bill mimicking the controversial Arizona immigration measure. From the piece:

Rhode Island is just the latest of several states where officials are encouraging the enactment of similar laws, said Michael Hethmon general council of the Immigration Reform Law Institute.

Lawmakers from at least four states that Hethmon refused to name have come forward looking for advice on writing new legislation. So how many other states will be following Arizona?

Whatever the number, it's "too many," Hethmon said.

"We greatly support state laws as a policy option in the face of federal gridlock, but you can't take the Arizona bill and copy it and just drop it into another state legislature."

Hethmon expressed concern about the pace of some of these "copycat measures," like in Rhode Island, because many of these laws likely will face judgment in lawsuits.

A danger exists, experts warn, that state lawmakers will play too fast and loose with immigration laws by exercising a kind of "do-it-yourself" and "one-size-fits-all" mentality.

"I worry about other states going forward with these bills and not considering these very complex federal issues," said Hethmon. "The technical language is critical and it's not something that most state legislatures are familiar with."

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