Lynch Keeps Up Offensive

Patrick Lynch has been, by far, the most aggressive voice in the nascent gubernatorial campaign. Today he takes a swipe at Governor Carcieri and his "trickle-down economics" in anticipation of the governor's State of the State address - a red-meat attack for the hardcore Democrats Lynch is trying to court in the primary - and touts anew a plan to overhaul the state's economic development strategy:

Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Patrick Lynch today called on Governor Carcieri to focus his attention on job creation and helping small businesses during his State of the State Address.  However, Lynch said the Governor should focus on new ideas instead of the failed policies of trickle-down economics.  Lynch said that reforming the Economic Development Corporation and streamlining government processes relating to small businesses would be a first step toward creating an environment that promotes job growth.

“If the Governor is serious about creating jobs, his address cannot be more of the same, failed trickle-down policies and quick fixes of the past,” said Lynch. “Doing the same thing will only get us the same results.  We need new ideas that will strengthen small businesses and provide jobs that will strengthen our middle class.”

 A few weeks ago, Lynch proposed restructuring the Economic Development Corporation and making the executive director position a cabinet level position.  Under Lynch’s proposal, the EDC would become the Office of Housing and Economic Development and will be responsible for all planning and execution of business development, housing policy and community development initiatives.

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