For Carcieri, A Rare Victory

Perpetually at odds with the Democratic legislature and pushing further and further into his lame-duck period, Governor Carcieri rarely has an opportunity to claim a high-profile victory. But he gets that opportunity today, with members of a key state workers' union signing off on a cost-cutting deal that will impose a temporary pay cut in a bid to cover a portion of the state's budget shortfall.

Still, the deal does little to solve the state's long-term fiscal troubles. And Governor Carcieri's term may, in the long run, be best remembered for budget strife.

The governor can plausibly place much of the blame at the feet of the General Assembly. But voters remember governors, not legislators.

His best shot to shaping a legacy more to his liking? Successful construction of the off-shore wind farm he has been pushing for several years.

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