The Counter-Message on Health Care

Right-wing confrontations with Democrats at health care forums have soaked up quite a bit of ink and more than a few electrons of late. But Rhode Island's left is planning a counterstrike, today, with a pro-health care refrom press conference at 2 p.m. featuring union folks, progressive advocacy group Ocean State Action and the AARP, among other organizations.

Peter Asen, of Ocean State Action, tells N4N that the left needs to convince Obama voters that voting, alone, was not enough. They need to stay involved, he says, if the progressive agenda is to move forward.

Wise words. But it will be important to stay away from the vituperation that has made the conservative rabble-rousers seem a bit far afield at the forums.

For a broader look at the state of progressive politics in Rhode Island, check out my cover story in today's Phoenix.

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