Globe on Chafee

Ex-ProJoer Mark Arsenault had a piece in The Boston Globe this weekend on Lincoln Chafee's GOP-free return to Rhode Island politics. The political science types quoted in the story say Chafee has a chance to capitalize on New England's tradition of embracing independents for top office - from Lowell Weicker in Connecticut to Bernie Sanders in Vermont.

Chafee talks, in the piece, of the eventual formation of a viable third party:

"I think the eventual next step is another party,’’ Chafee said. This new party, as Chafee envisions it, would be stingy with the public’s money, strong on the environment, and liberal on social issues, which sounds like a throwback to the old Rockefeller Republicans that once ruled the Northeast.

And while we're talking about the Globe...the newspaper's largest union is set to vote, today, on a second try at a cost-saving labor deal meant to right the paper's finances and make it look shinier for a deal. The New York Times Co., owner of the struggling paper, is soliciting bids.

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