Reed, Whitehouse Push for a Second Stimulus Not Getting Far

Rhode Island Senators Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse are among those suggesting that a second stimulus package may be necessary. But the idea does not appear to be gaining much traction - not yet, anyway. Aides on the Hill, according to Washington publication Roll Call, say there is little appetite for another huge outlay, especially with a crowded legislative calendar.

“The reality is we’re four months into the [first] recovery act, which is designed to work over two years,” said a House Democratic aide. “We’re not going to drop everything tomorrow” to do another stimulus bill.

Similarly, a Senate Democratic leadership aide said Monday the resolve against doing another stimulus in that chamber is firm.

“Bailout fatigue has settled in — and it would be very difficult to get such a bill through the Senate,” the aide said.

A subsequent Roll Call piece has Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pooh-poohing the idea, even as House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer suggests he is open to the idea.

The New York Times paints a mixed picture on the prospects of a second stimulus. Seems unlikely in the short term, but could be a possibility if the economy continues to ail.

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