CQ on Patrick Kennedy's Resilience

Congressional Quarterly, a fave among the Washington set, has a piece on Patrick Kennedy's political endurance amid personal problems. Among those quoted: Darrell West, a Kennedy biographer and former Brown University political science professor who chalks up the representative's survival, in part, to a Catholic culture of forgiveness.

Kennedy benefits from the religious affinities of Rhode Island, West said. The nephew of the only Roman Catholic president in history, Kennedy is a representative in a state where two-thirds of all residents affiliate with the religion, by far the nation’s largest percentage.

“This is a very Catholic state, so voters are used to confessing their sins and asking for forgiveness . . . ” West said. “I think it does contribute to the culture of the state, and in that way, the state is very different from most other places. And I think it’s helped Kennedy, politically.”


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