Anti-War Group Adds to Chorus of Concern Around Protest Registration

A group of left-leaning activist groups including the Rhode Island Mobilization Committee to Stop War and Occupation are joining with City Councilman Miguel Luna to add to a chorus of concern around city requests for US Conference of Mayors' protesters to register with the city. A statement from the group:

It is a sign of a strong and vibrant community that its people are engaged in the health of their communities. It is a good thing that they will take the time to come out and let their leaders know what their needs and priorities are. Their efforts should be welcomed and not be restricted and criminalized.

It is a terrible irony that our taxpayer money is being spent by the trillions to "promote democracy" around the world, and yet here in our cities, officials are imposing draconian restrictions on our constitutional rights to freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and protection from unreasonable search and seizure.

City officials have emphasized that registration is not required, but preferred.

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