Cicilline Hits Airwaves on Firefighter Fight

Providence Mayor David Cicilline's campaign has launched a radio ad amid the storm over the firefighters' planned picket of the US Mayor's Conference. The script, just in:


And now a word from Mayor David Cicilline


These are tough times for Providence.  I’ve cut spending and city employees have trimmed benefits….everyone but the fire fighters.

Our fire service is the most expensive in America.  The average firefighter costs Providence $132,000 a year…some retired firefighters collect pensions of over $100,000.   We just can’t afford it.

I’ve offered twelve different contracts to the firefighters… Fair deals with the kind of guaranteed pay raises and health benefits that people in this city can only hope for. The firefighters turned them all down.

They’re even picketing the Conference of Mayors, forcing Vice President Biden and eight Cabinet Members from the Obama Administration to cancel their trip to our city.

The union thinks this will force me to agree to a bloated, unaffordable contract.  They are expecting me to cave in and make the taxpayers pay the price.  I will not give in to this political extortion.

The taxpayers of this city have paid too much…for too long.

It’s time for a fair deal for Providence.


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