Governor 2.0

Governor Carcieri, who has had a tough go of it with the ProJo, has long used talk radio to get an unfiltered message to the public. Now, he's going all Obama on us: posting a video message on his tax priorities in a bid to communicate directly with the voters.

The guv explains, in a statement:

More and more individuals get their news from the web, where it is unfiltered and unedited.  Rhode Islanders know the cost of high taxes, and they are smart enough to understand the impact high taxes are having on our state's ability to grow revenue and grow jobs.  The web allows me to speak directly to the citizens on important issues that affect them each and every day, including tax reform, the state's fiscal situation,  economic development, and job growth.

Smart stuff from a guy, lest we forget, was lauded as Rhode Island's own Great Communicator when he took office.

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