This Internet Thing May Catch On

News today in the ProJo that the state is working on a system that would allow those receiving unemployment assistance to certify, each week, that they are available and looking for work - and thus, entitled to their benefit checks - on the Interzone.

Yowsas. That it took this long, your humble correspondent would suggest, is as much a commentary on the state of economic development in Rhode Island as any report on the beleagured Economic Development Corporation.

And I speak from experience. Laid off from the estimable ProJo myself last fall, I spent the better part of the next five months on hold with the state's unemployment office - taking breaks only to hydrate and apply for my current gig with the Phoenix.

The operators were unfailingly helpful when they finally picked up. But whatever the pleasures of the musak and chit-chat, I take some joy this morning in knowing that my friends still in the ranks of the unemployed may have a little more time to themselves.


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